Naturopathy recognizes that a patient's mental, emotional and physical states must all be considered during a treatment for there to be any effect. It is a system of medicine using natural substances and nutrition as its resources.

Its foundation is the philosophy of "the healing power of nature", meaning that within us all lays a healing energy (our immune system) that heals and maintains our health. The belief is that the body will heal itself and recover from illness if it is in a healthy environment. The naturopath supports this healing system by creating a healthy environment for the body to heal itself.

Finally, the naturopath seeks to treat the cause of the illness, and not simply the manifestations or symptoms. This process leads to a much healthier and efficient form of healing.


Ginette PelletierGinette Pelletier

Ginette Pelletier is a naturopath. Member of the ADNQ, she received her diploma from the Centre de formation naturopathie Johanne Verdon. For the last 15 years, she has been active in the natural health industry.

A well known teacher and speaker, she works closely with several specialized doctors and is particularly interested in women's health. Her knowledge in naturopathy has earned her a reputation worthy of television and radio shows, where she has been invited to discuss natural solutions to hormonal disorders.

Her primary mission is to help people maintain or re-establish their optimal vitality. She specializes in degenerative diseases such as lupus, rhumatoid arthritis, hormonal disorders, etc.


Other contributions to the health industry:

  • Co-Author of the book An A-Z Woman's guide to Vibrant Health, with Lorna Vanderhaeghe.
  • Narrator on the CD L'Ostéoporose et la Santé des Os.



Arevik VardanyanArevik Vardanyan

A graduate of the Collège des médecines douces du Québec in naturopathy, Arevik Vardanyan is a member of the Association des Naturopathes Agréés du Québec. She has been practicing naturopathy for more than ten years and has also worked in natural health stores as a naturopathic consultant.

She works with a varied clientele and offers optimal advice to help them improve their health and well-being. She works with clients with digestive problems, food sensitivities, as well as immune and hormonal disorders. She also specializes in neurological and autoimmune conditions.

She offers thematic educational workshops on various health issues for the general public.






Homeopathy is a medical system that uses diluted amounts of plants, minerals and animals to treat patients. Its origins go back over 200 years to a medical doctor, Samuel Hahnemann. Hahnemann was concerned with the increasingly frequent side effects that were occurring due to conventional drugs.

Hahnemann began researching and testing with diluted amounts of these drugs, and soon discovered that .the potency was increased all while reducing the side effects. He set forth guidelines for classical homeopathy, which focuses on complete healing rather than temporary relief.

Classical homeopathy is based on more than 200 years of research, study and practice. Each homeopathic remedy has a unique profile. The homeopath must understand every unique profile in order to safely and effectively treat the patient on an emotional, mental and physical level.


Sabine ChahwanSabine Chahwan

Sabine Chahwan Homeopath, is a graduate of general medicine from France.


Her 20 years of experience in homeopathy have allowed her to acquire a deep understanding of humans and their pathologies, and the ability to provide help in regaining their health.


Her success to meet her patient’s needs is done by listening and understanding their needs.

A few reasons for choosing homeopathy: it is a gentle method, without side effects, it is compatible with other treatments, it is a holistic therapy, easy to administer, affordable, it acts acutely and chronically and in prevention. Can be used by all ages including pregnant women and newborns.

She treats by considering the patient as a whole with all their symptoms, physical, mental and emotional.